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Affordable Tree Pruning Services in Summerside PE

At Renewed Landscapes INC, we’re all about making your outdoor spaces look amazing. Whether it’s your home in Summerside, PE, or nearby areas, we ensure your yard grabs attention for all the right reasons. We team up with you to create a stunning look that’ll make everyone’s heads turn. Our tree pruning services in Summerside, PE, not only beautify your yard but do so affordably. You can count on us to stick to your budget and finish the job without any delays. Our team is professional, and we always listen to what you want. We’ve completed numerous projects with great success and have a high rate of customers coming back to us.
Our services cover everything from basic gardening to elaborate landscape designs involving paver stone walks and even water features. Our tree pruning services go beyond simple shrub planting; we create an inviting haven in your backyard. Whether it’s adding a pool area or designing a cozy fire pit corner, we handle projects of all sizes. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our work and will fix any problems you may have. Your happiness is our priority. We’re licensed, and our work is always guaranteed.

Efficient Process, Lasting Results

Starting with a free estimate, we guide you through our well-organized planning process designed around your needs and budget. Renewed Landscapes, INC. has state-of-the-art equipment and trained professionals to make your dreams a reality. Our process is extensive and without complications, beginning with the approval of the design and ending with the installation. Our team handles the heavy lifting, including the removal of trees or old stumps, ensuring a clean and tidy workspace throughout the project. We tackle common issues like unsafe, dying trees or unsightly stumps that might affect your property’s appeal and safety. Our equipment, like stump grinders and heavy-duty mulchers, is state-of-the-art, ensuring efficient and safe project completion. We take special care in areas close to structures and power lines, using our certified arborists and bucket trucks to manage and remove trees without damage to your property. Our goal is to improve the aesthetic value and functionality of your property with every job, no matter how big or little. To make sure your landscape continues to grow even after we’ve finished, we provide maintenance services. Our work will meet and surpass your expectations because of our commitment to quality and attention to detail. So, if you’re looking to refresh your outdoor space with professional care, think of Renewed Landscapes INC. Let us make your landscape dreams a reality with our expertise and commitment to excellence. We’re just a call away if you need a quick estimate or want to start planning your next big yard project.
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Why Choose us

Long-term Property Value Increase

In addition to improving the aesthetics of your outdoor area, our tree pruning services can boost the value of your home. A well-maintained landscape is a lucrative asset if you ever decide to sell.

Custom Maintenance Plans

We can establish a maintenance schedule just for your landscape based on its unique requirements. This personalized service means your yard stays pristine and healthy year-round, reflecting your preferences and lifestyle.

Advanced Training

Our crew is well-versed in the most current landscape architecture and horticulture trends thanks to our commitment to ongoing training. Your garden will reap the benefits of advanced techniques because of this dedication to learning.

Frequently Asked Question

The duration of a project depends on its scope. Small projects may take a few days, while larger, more complex designs could take several weeks. We will provide a timeline with your estimate.

Absolutely! We can integrate new design elements with your existing landscape features, enhancing the overall look while maintaining the character of your space.

Maintenance frequency can vary depending on several factors, including the plants' types and the landscape's complexity. We can recommend and schedule appropriate maintenance intervals after assessing your yard.